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The summer soccer camp in Barcelona will train you to be the best when it comes to being quick with the ball and to coordinate effectively in the game. Soccer games are won by the team efforts and not only by individual efforts. You will be trained in all essential aspects of the game like dribbling and shooting. International experience and the best activities in Barcelona will make your summer stay the best experience of a lifetime.

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Stephanie Roche

Stephanie Roche is a professional footballer for Ireland and Peamount United. Stephanie has played professionally in the National Women’s Soccer League (USA), Women’s Super League (England), Ligue 1 (France) and Serie A (Italy). She has also played for Ireland over 50 times and scored some of Ireland’s most important goals over the last decade. Stephanie has also been a star for Peamount United in the Women’s National League in Ireland. A 2 time League Winner, FAI Cup Winner and League Cup Winner as well as 2 Golden Boots and 2 All Stars.

She was also part of the first Irish club (mens or womens) team to qualify for the Champions League in 2011 where they played a knockout round against french giants PSG. While playing for Peamount United, Stephanie really made her mark on women’s football scoring a wonder goal against Wexford and being nominated for the FIFA Puskas award for best goal. Stephanie finished 2nd to Colombia and Real Madrid star James Rodrigues.

Stephanie has vast experience as a player at international and club level and has played with and against the best players in the world. She has experienced many different styles of play and different leagues and football cultures across the world. Now she is putting that experience in professional football together with her coaching qualifications to provide coaching services to help improve the next generation.